Privacy Policy Please see below for the GuestBase privacy policy and how we use data

GuestBase is the new way to advertise your website or blog and is built on the reciprocity of users. GuestBase is commited to securing and protecting all information that is added to and made available through our system. Below is an outline of the information the GuestBase collects as well as how this information is used.

Services Overview
GuestBase is a web based service that allows website and blog owners to advertise their content across our ad network which consists of other GuestBase users websites and blogs. Ads can either consist of text based ads or image ads that are uploaded. Once a small code snippet is placed on your site it will begin displaying ads from other advertisers and will earn you 1 Karma point for each ad that is shown. Karma points are used to have your ad displayed on other websites, and each Karma point is worth 1 display on another site. Even if your don’t have any Karma points left your ad will still be displayed but will not be shown as frequently as sites with higher Karma points.

Email Addresses
Email addresses are collected at the time of an advertiser sign up on GuestBase. These email addresses are used to login to an advertisers dashboard to track status and manage ads. Email addresses are used by GuestBase to send periodic announcements and promotions, but you may unsubscribe from these at any time. Email addresses are not sold or shared with any 3rd party companies.

Personal Information
GuestBase does not collect any additional information other than aforementioned email addresses and site URL’s. GuestBase may use “cookies” which allow users to have the web service remember their preferences. Users may disable cookies in their browser and GuestBase only implements cookies for remembering user state information.

Registered Users
Registered users are considered to be anyone who has sent messages or files with GuestBase. As a registered user you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of GuestBase as well as receive periodic newsletters, or promotional offers within GuestBase. If you would not like to receive emails from GuestBase you may unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of any messages or email us directly at: If you have any questions about GuestBase or our policies please feel free to contact us through the contact page or you may email us at: